Fair pricing, fast results, and great quality. Absolutely astonished with how easy it was to get my garage door fixed. Called Sunday afternoon & had it fixed by Monday in a matter of minutes. Truly and honestly a great experience.

Maritza Salazar

Over the years, I have use Always Available Garage Door Repair on at least three different occasions. Each time they have provided exceptional service at very affordable prices. Over the weekend my garage door broke. I called Larry, Monday morning and they quickly came out. Turns out it was a defective part, so with absolutely no hesitation they promptly replaced it at no charge (warranty). If you're looking for exceptional service at very affordable prices you should call Always Available Garage Door Repair.

David Crist

This company's name actually reflects the way owner Larry runs his business. Our front gate stopped to operate. Larry was there from 8pm to 10pm to get it fixed last night (6/25/2019). This type of dedication toward customer service is the BEST in class!! I must also mention that Larry have
fixed two garage doors for us in the past. His service is CONSISTENT, not a one-time event. I'm TOTALLY impressed. Thanks Larry!

Zhu Wang

These guys are top notch! I couldn't get out of my garage and needed someone out right away as i was already running behind. I called and spoke to Monica (who was very nice) said they could have someone out right away. Within 30 minutes Larry was at my house and got my garage door fixed in a timely manner and the price was way affordable then what i have spent in the past with other companies.
I will use these guys from now on and recommend them to all my friends and family.

Preston Miller

It's always available, just like its name! I called on a Saturday after trying an hour with my key because electricity had gone out. Then within 20 mins this gentleman showed up, figured out the root cause, and even explained to me how everything works after that. 30 mins or more working and educating, and just asked for 20 bucks...(did I mention that I happened to not have cash on hand, and ended up not paying...) well I know who to call for issues with Garage, and I hope this helps you make that decision as well!

Chen Judy

My garage door collapsed last night and just like any other person, I thought to myself "damn". I searched garage door services online and called the first couple of businesses that came up on Google and Yelp. I didn't know what a reasonable price was until I called Always Available Garage Door Repair and was priced $100 less than the other companies. The process was simple. I called and spoke with Monica. She asked to send in a couple of pics so she can give me a price. Within like a minute she called back and said that she can have Larry, the owner, come out within an hour. I confirmed. That's exactly what happened. Larry came out and probably spent an hour or less getting us hooked up. This all happened around 9:30 last night. Just like I told Larry after he was wrapping up, this had to have been the easiest process for any type of service. I stuck around while he was fixing my garage and we chatted the whole time. He is honest and naturally cares for people. To top it all off, he charged me less then what I was originally priced. He told me to go get something for my kids with the savings. I will keep my word and do so. Having issues with your home, especially things like a garage can be a huge hassle and inconvenience. But after having services done by Larry, I wouldn't hesitate for one bit in calling his company again. I'm saving his number to my phone, it's that serious. I completely recommend this business for all your garage services. If you don't think the reviews from Google are enough, search this company in Yelp. You will be satisfied.

Richard Rendon